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What is GlowMo?

Glow.Mo is all about bringing a small, but high quality, selection of curated Korean beauty products to the UK. (Why Korean beauty? See here.)

I wanted to create a place where people could go, shop and browse top Korean skin care and cosmetics online. Safe in the knowledge that every item on the site has been through a rigorous and cut throat selection process.

Glow.Mo, however isn't just about being a place to access hard-to find, (often not available in Europe) products. Originally when I built it in 2015, it wasn't even an ecommerce site. It was simply a space that tried to educate on looking after skin, and encourage people to adopt the Korean philosophy of 'skin care first'. It was not just about the dangers of the sun etc, but of accepted and no longer thought about aspects of beauty culture in the UK.

I have been fortunate to have grown up among many different cultures, and I wanted the new blog to be a little window into other (although mainly Korean) beauty culture around the world. This is because Korea is leading the way for beauty right now, and we could really take some notes.

But the content on the site is also to help people see that the differences between beauty ideals all over the world, shows that there is no one ideal beauty, and that you should not care about how pale or tan you are, and definitely not to the extent that you are damaging your skin and your health.

I also wanted Glow.Mo to be completely transparent. To be saying - this is exactly what's in this product, this is the benefit of that ingredient and this is what that random Latin word means.

I don't want to follow that ridiculous advertising, where they've got some fancy looking molecules and chromosome sequences on the screen, with scientific terms for chemicals popping up as if we are all supposed to know what they mean.

Too often in the UK, the ingredients lists are left alone. I want to try encourage people to look at what's in the products they are buying, while at the same time arming them with the knowledge they need about ingredients and what they do. Skin care to me is not about indulgence, it's a part of self care and I think people can often realise this when things go wrong and it's too late.

A lot of people who are just beginning to get into Korean beauty, although interested, aren't really sure where to start. The internet provides us with an overwhelming amount of information and choice. GlowMo is really about giving people a boutique experience where, we have already done all that research for them, and now we've got the cult-worthy products here and literally at your fingertips.


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