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Why SPF is important for ALL skin tones

Why SPF is important for ALL skin tones

The 2017 Notting Hill Carnival is now on, and the weather is heating up. We are planning to be at the carnival on Monday (see our snaps on our Instagram), buried under layers upon layers of SPF. Sun Protection Factor is important to wear whatever skin colour, tone or shade you are. Yes, if you are of a paler nature you’re more likely to burn, so you need to be militant in your defence against the sun.

But! This also goes for all other skin tones. There can be a misconception for those of a darker skin tone – those with skin that has more melanin in it and hence are less likely to burn. Which leads some to a belief that they don’t need to wear SPF at all.


I wear SPF like my life depends on it. My motto, Alastor Moody inspired is ‘Constant Vigilance’. Aside from premature ageing, extended sun exposure raises your chances of skin cancer, hence the potential of SPF to actually save lives.   

Even though the likelihood of a paler person getting skin cancer is higher than that of someone with a darker skin tone. Damaging UV rays aren’t going to take what you look like into account.

Darker skin tones do have a natural SPF level of around 13 to 16 (the level of defence is decided on by how much melanin is in the skin). Which is amazing and makes one as pale as I am truly envious of a low level ‘natural SPF’ barrier.  

But extended sun exposure, leaves the skin vulnerable to the barrage of UV rays that the ‘natural SPF’ barriers in darker skin tones can’t defend against. If you’ve got a tan. You’ve got skin damage. It’s as simple as that.

Damage like the breakdown of collagen, that gives us the lift and bounce in our skin we naturally begin to lose as we get older. Don’t contribute to speeding up the process.

Damage that not just threatens your skins appearance but also its overall health. Skin cancer is very real, not just for those with skin tones that are more vulnerable.

Whatever skin tone you’ve got. At the end of the day it’s - You vs The Sun. You would have to be truly mad if you thought you could win against that.

Constant vigilance people.

Poppy Out. Xoxox.


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