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What Happened When I Went Sugar Free For A Week

What Happened When I Went Sugar Free For A Week

My week of no sugar 

In January I embarked on the mission of eating no sugar for a week to see what would happen to my skin. January in the UK is cold, dreary and generally depressing month so I wasn’t exactly thrilled to be giving up my daily dose of artificial sugary comfort. Nevertheless, in the name of skincare, I threw out my Weetabix (which contains sugar, I was as shocked as you are) and began the challenge. 

Sugar free for a week

Sugar free snacking... houmous life.

I found myself eating a lot of the same things, because, to be perfectly honest it’s quite hard to avoid sugar. I generally had porridge each morning with a banana and I stuck to fruit as a snack. I am lucky in that I grew up on a very low sugar diet and although since becoming an adult and consequently an independent woman I have developed some pretty bad habits (a whole packet of Oreos in under an hour isn’t an unusual occurrence). I think I found the task marginally easier than some might. Having said this, I was still eating plenty of un-artificial sugar in the form of fruit which I think quenched my cravings. 

Sugar free for a week Vegan Pizza with red peppers, mushrooms, olive and sugar free tomato sauce.

The Verdict:

I came to the end of the week and, yes, my skin did look better, but I can't pinpoint exactly why. I wouldn’t say going sugar free had any effect on my acne, the only thing I can say is that my skin felt less red and flushed and possibly more hydrated. The main things I noticed was how much sugar I consume without realising, sugar is added to some bread for instance, the Weetabix thing I was not expecting and even ketchup and other tomatoes sauces were loaded with sugar. The amount of sugar in foods was as shocking as finding out that parmesan isn't vegetarian.
(Seriously, it isn't).

So. Many. Revelations. 

I don’t think giving up artificial sugar in it’s entirety is necessary for better skin, but it’s not a mystery or big revelation that western society has a sugar addiction. Although, I’m not a huge believer in a definite skin-food connection, if you’re pumping your body full of sugary drinks and snacks as well as getting it from less obvious sources then our bodies will react in some way. I know Poppy spoke to an registered dietician about the connection, so if you want to know from an expert about the links (or myths) between skin and food check that out.

For me, my skin felt and looked better after only a week, but at the end of the day I do feel that there were far too many other factors also affecting my skin care to determine whether it had anything to do with my diet. Back to the Oreos I go (with more restraint this time). 


Anna Out xoxo.

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