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What does anti-ageing really mean? + When should you start...

What does anti-ageing really mean? + When should you start...

I have a couple issues with the phrase anti-ageing. The problem is it’s an umbrella term, shielding two sections of products within the ageing category of beauty and skincare products. This is the reason most people think of anti-ageing when they suddenly see a couple lines around their eyes and frantically begin looking up eye creams. There seems to be this big misconception that that you need to have signs of ageing to use products within the anti-ageing sphere.

Which is a bit of a problem.


A lot of products in the anti-ageing sphere are all about preventing ageing or slowing down a process once it has started! Instead of some of the others which are about reversal. The Anti-ageing umbrella covers two sections of products - one that should really be under the term – Ageing prevention and others that are genuinely trying to reverse the ageing process, that some could argue are more rightly termed anti-ageing products.

The fact that anti-ageing is a really overused and unclear term has resulted in some definite confusion, due to the belief that you need to be showing signs of age to use anti-ageing products, over when to start with the anti-ageing mission. Here again I think things have become a little muddled when they really shouldn’t have.

If you’re ageing. You should be thinking about anti-ageing. So, unless you’re sparkling like Robert Pattison in Twilight you should start thinking about what you can do now.


 If you’re young - stick with age prevention products! The number 1 anti-ageing, undisputed, secret to staying young that’s not so secret (yet so many people still don’t wear it enough) is SPF. A product that you or your children can start with ASAP. (See here for why even if you have darker skin you should be wearing SPF). If you know you probably won’t remember to apply a layer over your moisturiser each day (all year round) make sure its incorporated in your makeup - like in your BB creams.  

I will do another post about what ingredients are top for age prevention and anti-ageing and when to start to try help with some clarity. However right now I just want to drill home how important it is to start thinking about it even when you’re young and don’t really want to.

Not just because you can start with SPF to help against one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) contributor to ageing – the SUN. But also, due to the fact that your habits no matter what age you are could be ageing your skin right now.

Habits like smoking - something really bad for your skin not just your overall health + that can speed up your skins ageing process. Sugar is also one that is tossed around quite a lot as a possible perpetrator to premature ageing. I put this to Katarina Head of Nutrition at Lysa who said that although there is not enough cohesive evidence about sugar, a healthy diet is always the best way to go. (Read more on the relationship between your skin and food here.)

No matter what age you are the anti-ageing umbrella is one you should be carrying.  If not for anti-ageing but at least for ageing prevention. There is always something you can do and prevention is much easier than cure.  Your future self will thank you!

Poppy Out. xoxo

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