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The 2018 Spring Try Out Verdict: The SRB Stabilised Rice Bran Enzyme Powder Wash

The 2018 Spring Try Out Verdict: The SRB Stabilised Rice Bran Enzyme Powder Wash


That was certainly a response.

We got your messages, whether they were posted on the social channels, MOglow or sent to us privately. The SRB powder wash clearly made an impression and we heard you loud and clear.  

It makes me so happy because this is what the Try Out’s are all about. Us finding a product we think is great/interesting/worth sharing, but for whatever reason is difficult/almost impossible for us to stock full time and giving it to you beautiful humans to try out.

It’s just for fun, so you can try some of the things we try without having to fully commit to anything. Expanding the palate and all that.

'GlowMO - Accelerating the expansion of your skincare universe.'

 Anyway, when you let us know how you get on and IF the response is a resounding ‘Omg this is amazing, please get this.’, then we double down and see what we can do. Which in this case, was clearly a must.

And I’m happy to say, as faithful servants to all you in the GlowMO Global Beauty Collective we have been working hard and have managed to bring the SRB Enzyme Cleanser into our full-time GlowMO stock/curation edit. 


Currently it is on the way, but expect it to drop online the last week of June. More waiting, I know. Read again about why we chose the SRB Powder Wash for our Spring Try out here.

In the meantime we are close to reaching a consensus on the 2018 Summer Try Out Winner + official pick. Many voices to be heard, decisions to be made. With all this debate and voting I really need to get a round table for GlowMO.


Knights of.. skincare?... global beauty... Global Beauty Knights? Not sure... Will work on this.

P. xoxox


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