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Simple 10 Step K-beauty Routine Cheat Sheet

Simple 10 Step K-beauty Routine Cheat Sheet

I love reading messages from GlowMo/K-beauty fans, it really helps reinforce the energy we have at GlowMo to continue trying to help everyone find the best products for what they need and to help everyone as much as we can on their skin journey. 

In a lot of those conversations, something I've noticed has been that many people who are just starting out, are writing out the steps to the K-beauty routine and sticking them up on bathrooms mirrors and walls. It's so great to hear that people are so dedicated to changing the way they approach their skin, and I know at first 10 steps can sound ridiculous or even intimidating to someone who may never had had much of a routine, or was stuck in the old 3 step method. 

So, we got to work and made our own Simple 10 Step K-beauty Routine Cheat Sheet - so you no longer have to. Every step is summarised in a short sentence and also has a small 'How To' line, to help guide you through the routine. 

You can download it here.

It's completely yours to print out and share if you want to + I hope this helps any others who are new to the world of customisable skin routines and K-beauty!

P. xoxo

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