Review: Neogen Bio Peel Guaze Wine

Review: Neogen Bio Peel Guaze Wine


I love exfoliating. It’s one of the fastest ways to see changes in your skin. If, you do it regularly. Exfoliating is particularly good for skin concerns like blackheads, dullness and dark spots, not to mention enhancing product absorption! Good exfoliation can help keep your skin clearer, brighter and oh so soft. You skin naturally renews itself every 28 days (snakey 28 days later). However, until that time a layer of dead skin cells is pretty much stuck to your face, clogging your pores contributing to blackheads and in some cases breakouts. Hence why it’s so important to exfoliate.  

The product in this review is one of the most innovative exfoliators around, AND it’s made with red wine. Which is always a good idea.

Neogen Bio Peel Gauze Peeling Wine – are exfoliating pads that have a three layer function exfoliating technology that has never been done in a product before.

  • The first layer is this cross crossed guaze side, that was inspired by threading! Something I have always done to my eyebrows and which I love. The criss-crossed threads, sweep away dead skin cells so effectively but still gently. When I first read about the technology it was so exciting! It's so simple yet effective.
  • The second layer is a soft cushion that holds the formula which you press onto the skin.
  • The third is a cute quilted layer, that casts away any leftover debris.

I’m a lazy person and don’t have much time and if I can do something more efficiently I will. So being able to do physical (exfoliation at surface level) and chemical exfoliation (goes deeper into the pores) at the same time, is ideal.

Each box contains 30-single use exfoliating pads that are soaked in lactic acid (read why we love that ingredient here) and red wine, casting away that layer of dead skin cells and other impurities while also being hydrating.

I love these pads because I can still achieve that exfoliated smooth and clear skin glow, without having to do a full facial scrub.

What to do:

  1. The cotton pad has an open middle, that you put your fingers in to hold it up. I actually use my fourth and middle finger, but others might find it easier to use your pointer and middle instead. Starting with the gauze side facing down, in circular motions work your way up your neck and dry face.
  1. Then you turn the pad over! So that you’ve got the little quilts facing down and sweep across your skin to pick up any leftover debris.

At this point I also like to pat the quilt side into my face, since the formula contains:

Lactic acid - a hydrating AHA (Alpha Hyrdoxy Acid)
- Glycolic Acid – another AHA to help clear out the debris in your pores
- Red wine extract - which contains reservatrol an antioxidant that helps against free radicals that accelerate ageing, and naturally occurring AHA’s.
All so good for the skin, and definitely worth patting in.
  1. After throwing away the pad, lightly rinse your face with lukewarm water.

How often:

They’re gentle enough to be used everyday, but I like to use them 2-3 times a week. It’s up to you to judge your skin, and see how much it needs. If you just want to do weekly upkeep, then use them a couple times a week. If your skin is dry and a little rough it may be better to use them more often.

Why I like them so much:

  • Apart from the amazing ingredients
  • The convenience – they’re easy and fast to use + give you the chance to do chemical and physical exfoliation at once.
  • I love the criss-crossed gauze technology – the best ways are always the simplest.
  • It’s got red wine in it. Enough said.


Poppy Out. Xoxo


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