Multiple skin concerns! I feel like i have everything at once! Where do I start?

Multiple skin concerns! I feel like i have everything at once! Where do I start?


For the majority of us, our skin doesn’t sit simply into one skin concern category.

We have the option to shop that way, (via Skin concern) to simplify your search. But at the same time, we know that with skin nothing is ever so straightforward (alas), and that there are usually multiple concerns to deal with.

Dry, but also oily, occasionally sensitive with bouts of rosacea? Or skin that’s sensitive dehydrated, hyper-pigmented and ageing? What should you do? Where should you start?


You start with the issue that has the most potential to cause long-lasting damage and pain. Below we have a little list of concerns, in order of importance of what to tackle first.

The first two, sensitive and dehydration are the key. After them, you can break off from the order a little.

1. Sensitive.

Sensitivity is no.1 because, to repeat, this is where there is so much potential to cause long lasting damage. Inflammation (what we sometimes also refer to as your skin… screaming), caused by a reaction to a product you are using to treat an issue that’s further down the list. Is not what you, or your skin, want or need. It will also make the rest of concerns worse, and is the first hurdle to tackle before you can get to the rest.

 - Best approach to sensitive skin – Moisturise.

- Check out the hydrating Benton Snail Bee high content essence  + Innisfree It's Real Rice sheet mask.

2. Dehydration

Out of everyone who reads this, 9 out of 10 will be dehydrated. Which if treated will help your products work better, as well as not having the effects of it show on your face by lunch. It really is a concern for everyone, and a lot of people don’t think about its impact, or even realise it’s at play.

Dehydrated skin will absorb anything you apply on it, but you then have to keep re-applying and re-applying. Your serums etc will end up just filling the gaps in your skin rather than being able to do what they were meant for.

Best approach to dehydration: The right toner to make way for everything else, then a good essence and serum with hyaluronic acid.

Toner: Benton Aloe BHA toner – contains Salicylic acid to gently exfoliate.

Essence: Missha Time revolution essence.

Serum: Mizon’s Snail repair intensive ampoule has a good dose of hyaluronic acid.

Then you can break off a little. Once you’ve got your skin calm, and hydrated. You can address anything. You are ready.

3. Dry.

Dry skin sufferers, first try to establish if you’re dry AND dehydrated. (We will be doing a post about this soon to help clear this up.) Then, stay away from foam. No to the foam.

Good products for you are balm cleansers (like Banila co Clean It Zero Classic) and non-foaming water based cleansers (like Neogen Real Flower Cleansing Water Rose).

4. Ageing.

Ageing skin – Look for serums specifically for anti-ageing, with ingredients like peptides, (Like in the Mizon peptide 500 serum), retinoids and other such as the Bifida Ferment Lysate in Missha Time revolution Night repair ampoule.

5. Pigmented 

SPF (which everyone should be using anyway) is particularly important if you easily scar etc. Then you want things such as dedicated serums and retinoids. Klairs Vitamin C serum helps fade scars. While SPF in your makeup, (like in Missha’s Perfect cover BB cream SPF 42/PA+++) helps keep your skin safe throughout the day.

6. Oily

Oil cleanser’s! Fight oil with oil, such as with Banila co clean zero - reservatrol specially for oily skin. Also think acidic toners, like our Cosrx Natural BHA skin returning A-sol and Benton Aloe BHA toner

Foaming is fine, but don’t go crazy with it, and just because you skin is oily it doesn’t mean all oils are bad. Find the right moisturiser for your skin, this may take some trial and error but it will make all the difference.

Nature Republics super aqua max fresh watery cream is specifically for oily skin.

7. Acne.

Acidic toning, will help. Get on board with an acidic toner, like Cosrx’s natural BHA skin returning A-sol.

Moisturiser is key. Again, like oily skin sufferers, don’t be afraid of oils. Also, if you pop your spot, (your dermatologist may scream not to, but you know you do, and we know you do). Always moisturise the area afterwards.

Drying out your spot, dry’s out the area around it, and honestly we hate all this drying spots business. Remember, hydrated skin is happy skin and you can tackle things when it’s properly moisturised. Don’t make your spot area worse, by sucking it dry and potentially causing more chance of scarring etc.

Cosrx Acne pimple patches are great, because they don’t dry out the area, and they stop you from touching it. We will have more on spot popping and acne later, because we aren’t going to live in a world of denial where the majority actually resist the popping of the spot. 

Poppy out, xoxo.

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