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Is There Japanese Beauty On The way? Q&A!

Is There Japanese Beauty On The way? Q&A!

We get sent a lot of queries and questions direct on our social channels or to our email. But, like in the classroom, if one person is asking then most likely ten other people are also wondering what is going on too. Recently questions about GlowMo widening our scope to include beauty and skincare from other regions have been asked the most. So, I thought I would do a little Q&A post for all those who might be curious too.

 1. 'Do you have some Japanese beauty on the way?'

To keep it short and sweet. Yes. Yes, we do.

I’ve known about the Japanese industry and have been trying skincare from Japan for a long time now, so it was always a goal to get some J-beauty in!

2. 'Have you noticed the recent mentions of J-beauty in the press?'

In all those ‘un-named’ glossy magazines, that have suddenly begun talking about J-beauty all at once?

Yes. Clearly it is a sign that some Japanese companies are making more of a move into the European market. (This may or may not be related to the political tensions in Asia – see a recent post where I lightly skimmed what’s been going on in the last couple years.) All of those mentions are unrelated to GlowMo – our Japanese plan of action was started way before J-beauty started being mentioned – although more brands turning to Europe can only be a good thing!

3. 'Is GlowMo exclusively Korean?'

No. I have always wanted GlowMo to be about the best of global beauty/skincare, South Korea is still number 1 right now and the Korean ethos about skin first, the regime, the focus on prevention etc (read here for why Korean beauty) is really something I definitely think is worth sharing and basing your approach to skin on. It really is one of the best places to start, with some of the greatest products coming out of Seoul that we are lucky to be able to get our hands on. However even though I do think GlowMo will continue to have mostly Korean beauty products, there are other areas where great products are coming from and that also have interesting beauty cultures and general skin philosophies I also like. Like Japan.

 4. 'Is GlowMo exclusively about Asian Beauty?'

No. I spent a portion of my childhood growing up in Asia and travelled extensively round it, and that has definitely influenced the way I approach many different things, but especially skin + beauty. I do think, to generalise, there is a difference in skin care approach from West to East, and that did fuel a lot of my motivation to start GlowMo so that people in the west could access and introduce themselves to different kind of beauty cultures and the best of the best products that come with them. But, there are also a lot of brands and products that come from the west (especially recently) that are exciting! Regions like Scandinavia in particular have always been on my radar for producing some interesting (if pricey) products and brands.

5. 'Which J-beauty products will you be getting in?'

We are always testing new products, and have a thorough curation process. Even though in the past some well known brands and products haven’t made it, if you’re a fan of Japanese beauty there was one well known drug-store style brand in particular that would have been a safe bet… and that is now on the way. That is all you’re getting for now!

Poppy Out. xoxo

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