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I forced my 17 year old brother to do a K-Beauty routine for 3 months. This is what happened.

I forced my 17 year old brother to do a K-Beauty routine for 3 months. This is what happened.


‘How do you think we can show people that the K-beauty routine is not as scary as it first seems? I feel like when people hear 10 steps they freak out.’ 
‘Maybe we should get someone who has no routine to try out a really simple 3 or 4 step and see how they feel about skincare afterwards. See if they get why there are multiple steps.’ 
‘That would be fun.’ 
‘Who would have no routine though? Like seriously nothing at all?’ 
‘What demographic is most in need of some skincare help but generally does nothing at all.’ 
‘Probably…. teenage boys.’ 
‘If a teenage boy can do it, you can too!’ 
‘That is so NOT going to be our new slogan.’ 
‘….This is going to be difficult.’ 
'What teenage boy do we know and have enough on to blackmail...’

I forced my 17 year old brother to do a K-Beauty skin routine for 3 months.
The results are in.
My 17 year old brother is the blessed one of the family. He does not need braces (like my older brother and I did), he is also naturally athletic and has had a more successful romantic life than me despite being five years younger. Up until recently, I thought maybe he had reached puberty unscathed by the skin troubles I have faced most of my life. Alas, despite his apparent deal with the devil, he started to complain about blackheads and began to pick his spots until they looked like scabs. As someone who has acne scars despite not picking, this bothered me immensely, so I had a stroke of genius. Why not ask (force) my brother to do a three step Korean beauty routine and see what changes? He was less thrilled with this suggestion than I was but with some gentle sibling blackmailing I succeeded in convincing him to conduct this experiment.
Without further ado, let me introduce the products my mother bought (this was an essential part of the deal).
First off, the Banila Cleanser, I thought I’d go with a classic. (This is now the old version – it’s been updated and is now called 'The Original'.)
Secondly, the Cosrx Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol as a toner. Ideal for acne and breakouts.
And finally, I went for the Nature Republic Aqua moisturiser.
We were also kindly sent the COSRX One Step Original Clear Pads which he would substitute for the toner at night. These add a light exfoliating step.
Now, let me start by saying, it would be naive of me to believe that my seventeen year old brother, who’s previous skin routine involved washing his face once a day with water in the shower, was going to use these products day and night. Being away at university meant I had little control over this and I can roughly estimate, from the amount of product left in the containers that over the three months, he was probably only using the products half the time. We also had some interesting hurdles along the way, for instance, he was at least dedicated enough to take his routine with him to school trip to Austria where both him and his classmates became baffled by the milky texture of the Banila Cleanser, so baffled in fact that he had to call and ask if he was doing something wrong.
Now, what you’ve all been waiting for: the before and after photos!

Before - Breakouts and a lot of redness.

Mauritz Before
During - Probably when he was using the products most regularly.

Mauritz during
After - 3 months and with so much less redness than before.

Mauritz After
The Final Thoughts: He didn’t love the Banila cleanser, although he admitted it left his skin feeling smooth it was simply too much work. If I were to conduct this experiment again I might go for a simpler two-in- one product such as the Neogen Cleansing Stick. His favourite products by far, were the toner pads and the moisturiser. I think he probably enjoyed the pads because they were both effective and easy. The moisturiser was his ultimate favourite, I caught gems such as ‘the great thing about moisturiser is if you have some left over you can use it on your hands!’. His friends even told him his skin was soft, awwww.
I asked Mauritz if his perception of skincare has changed at all over the course of these three months and in his typical manner he answered ‘I guess I see it as less of a girls things to do and I will probably take better care of my skin in the future’. He also specified he would use the products until they were finished and maybe get some more every so often in the future. So, acne and physical results aside, if all this experiment achieved was that my 17 year brother now feels comfortable enough to walk into a beauty shop and buy a product for himself, I’m pretty chuffed.

Anna Out. xoxo






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