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How To Re-Apply Sunscreen Over Makeup With A Cushion

How To Re-Apply Sunscreen Over Makeup With A Cushion

‘Re-apply every 2-3 hours’ … ‘That’s easy to say…’

One of the questions I get asked the most, usually after someone has read one of the posts about what is SPF/PA+++ or the importance of sunscreen for all skin tones is:

‘I know it’s essential, but how do I re-apply sunscreen without totally messing up my makeup.’ 

An age old question that surely has been asked for a millennia.

One does not simply apply sunscreen over makeup. 

Fortunately there are more options now than ever before. There are powders out there and mists, but the reported varying levels of actual coverage from them can put a lot of people off – like myself. I’m not convinced that either are at a level yet to comfortably be an alternative to a normal sunscreen cream/gel/lotion etc – which is why Glowmo doesn’t have them yet.
And unless you’re using Thanaka like the Rohingya Muslims from Bangladesh who’s makeup is a sunscreen. (This article about it is worth a read for anyone who wants to see more about the power of beauty).
It can be a little tricky.
Of course incorporating it into your makeup is a great start, K-beauty BB creams can be counted on to have a high level of broad spectrum coverage. However to get the same consistent coverage you got when your first applied your sunscreen in the morning, the best thing to do is re-apply the sunscreen.
The best way I’ve found to do this, and that has kept me covered for years of re-applications is by using an old BB cushion to make my own DIY sunscreen cushion.
The benefits of this include a nice even coverage from the cushion without disrupting any makeup I’m wearing, it’s super portable and convenient, I’m able to choose what sunscreen goes in my cushion and it’s a hands-free application - you don’t need to touch your face (a known factor that can encourage acne + disrupt makeup).
The downsides are the same with any DIY beauty venture – it doesn’t last as long as it would in the original tube/bottle. I clean and re-do my cushion once a week – and wouldn’t recommend making your sun cushion and then leaving it for a long period of time. The good thing is usually after 7 days I have to refill the cushion anyway, and the convenience of it during the week for me far outweighs having to take two minutes to redo it every weekend.
So here is how you make your own DIY sunscreen cushion!
You’ll need 3 things!
An oil cleanser (and possibly a water based cleanser if you want to be extra clean), an cushion compact you don’t use anymore and a sunscreen (preferably with a watery consistency.)

Create your sunscreen cushion compact  

Step 1. Clean your cushion puff, sponge + compact.
Remove the sponge from the compact, and use a couple pumps of an oil cleanser working it into the sponge with your fingers. Then rinse with water to emulsify the oil and repeat until the BB cream or foundation has been fully removed.
Do the same for the puff applicator.
(You can also use a water based cleanser at the end to be extra clean.)
Once clean leave your sponge and puff out to dry and rinse your compact with some water going over it with a makeup wipe – or wiping it down with some alcohol to cleanse.

How to re-apply sunscreen without disrupting makeup
Step 2. Add your sunscreen.
In the newly cleaned compact, add a watery sunscreen of your choice, filling it up to about a third of the compact chamber.

How to reapply sunscreen without messing up makeup
Step 3. Reinsert the sponge.
Place the sponge back into the chamber, pushing down on it (ideally with tweezers) to make sure that the sunscreen is being absorbed in the sponge.

How to make your own sunscreen cushion
Place your puff back into the compact, and that’s it! Super easy and super quick to make and to re-apply. What is not to love.
Extra Tip! Like with my sheet masks in the summer months I like to keep my sunscreen cushion in the fridge – to get that extra cooling effect that feels heavenly when applying.

P. xoxo

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