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GlowMo Try Outs #1

GlowMo Try Outs #1

We’ve launched a new campaign called the Try Outs

What is it?

Basically it’s when we get products in for a limited amount of time that have caught our interest. 

This might be because:

  1. We’ve stumbled across a brand/product during research and even though we can’t stock them in an official capacity we want to try them and let other skincare explorers and enthusiasts try them/the product too.
  2. A couple people (outside of glowmo) have come to us and preached about how amazing a product or brand is.
  3. The brand is small, not well known and we like them, and even though we can’t stock them officially we want to shine a light on them.
  4. The packaging is incredibly eye catching and we can’t resist.


As stated in reason No.2 – We are taking suggestions. So if you know a brand or product you really like and that you think could make the Try Outs. Than let us know. 

We are only going to be doing this four times a year and only one can be chosen. Whether it is the Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring Try Outs – competition is fierce. Once we have a small list of potentials, me and the rest of the GlowMo team will pick the ‘CHOSEN ONE’.

Competitors may be entered again in the next seasons Try Outs if they didn’t make the chosen spot, have enough support to be put up for consideration again and are still logistically possible for us to get a hold of. 

The Try Outs are all about having fun and exploring new skincare. They are also about being able to access new products or brands that previously were not readily available and almost impossible at best. - That’s the reason we can only do this seasonally because we’ve got to research the product itself and then track them down and wrestle with boring logistics to get them here.  


Heads Up:

The Try Outs for me are really are not about business. They are just about injecting a little more exploring and fun into skincare for people who really like to try new stuff. Saying this, because we won’t be buying like we usually do for products we stock full-time + the fact that a lot of these products are difficult to get a hold of we are going to have to pay more for them. It all therefore means that the product itself is most likely going to be more expensive than what we and you are used to.

So, the Try Outs aren’t for everyone. It’s not about finding your daily cleanser or your new moisturising regime for the winter. It’s just a bit of fun and a deeper delve into what is out there and from where. For people who want to try it all.

 And now… Introducing the first in our Try Out Series:

The Let Me Skin Ultra H2O Water-Jelly Modelling Mask.

It's an eye catcher, that's for sure. 


Poppy Out. xoxo


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